Advanced Therapeutics Remedial Massage

Massage to ease aches, pains, headaches, injuries, to relax & much more.



Remedial massage is an umbrella term for a variety of massage techniques that are used to treat tension, pain, injuries, postural problems, exercise pain, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, stress and more.  It's often called "fix-it" massage or "physiotherapy" massage.

We are a small massage business operating in Baldivis & Mandurah that has been running successfully since 2010. 

We have two qualified, caring therapists in Baldivis that are available mornings, evenings and weekends. We work side by side with the physiotherapists within the clinic (Central Baldivis Physiotherapy), as well as local GP's and chiropractors to ensure you're properly cared for. 

In Mandurah, Cindy Leishman (Business owner and lead therapist), has now opened her home-based clinic room in Port Bouvard, Wannanup. 


Please read our blog about what to expect if you've never had a Remedial Massage before. For more info on the types of massage we offer please check out our services page. Use the search bar above or click this button >>>


Your treatment includes:

-Assessment; the therapist will assess your posture, present complaints and what your body needs.

- Treatment Plan; you will discuss what you want from the massage, and the therapist will come up with the best treatment for you. This is completely personalised and is re-assessed each session.

- Privacy, respect & a clean and inviting treatment room and table, fresh towels, natural massage balms/oils with no additives or nasties.


- Advice; your therapist will let you know if you need further treatment, a referral, or if there are exercises or stretches you could be doing to help.

-Welcome pack with Epsom Salts, aftercare advice and business cards and details.



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